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Still Have Questions About Cosmetic Surgery? Ask Dr. Thomas Barnes, Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgeon

Join me, Kelsey Gunn, on “Dirty Little Beauty Secrets” as I explore the latest cosmetic treatments with Dr. Barnes. In this episode, we tackle the dreaded double chin, showcasing a quick and virtually painless procedure in Newport Beach. Dr. Barnes introduces the “neck shrink lift,” combining fat removal and Smart Lipo Laser for stunning results. Witness firsthand as I undergo the procedure, sharing my candid reactions and experiences throughout. With insights into cutting-edge treatments and relatable storytelling, “Dirty Little Beauty Secrets” offers a glimpse into the world of cosmetic enhancements, making beauty routines effortless and accessible for everyone. Subscribe for more insider tips and transformative journeys!

Dr. Thomas Barnes' LAUGHING THIGHS Tickle Lipo - Part I Newport Beach Ornage County

Experience the laughter-filled journey of Tickle Lipo with Dr. Tom Barnes in Newport Beach! In this captivating episode, Dr. Barnes introduces Tickle Lipo for inner thighs, showcasing its effectiveness in contouring and sculpting with minimal discomfort. As the procedure unfolds, laughter fills the room, reflecting the unique and enjoyable nature of Tickle Lipo. Dr. Barnes emphasizes his expertise, highlighting the significance of choosing a skilled practitioner for superior results. Witness the transformation firsthand as inner thighs are sculpted to perfection, promising faster healing and stunning outcomes. Stay tuned for part two, featuring before and after pictures, and delve into the world of Tickle Lipo for a confident, radiant you! Visit for more details.

Live Surgery! Lipo Of The Neck For That Stubborn Double Chin!

Join Dr. Thomas Barnes in a live surgery session as he performs neck liposuction on Lindsay, his gracious patient. With a blend of professionalism and lighthearted banter, Dr. Barnes showcases the procedure’s efficacy and minimal discomfort. Viewers witness the transformation firsthand as Lindsay bids farewell to her stubborn double chin. Throughout the session, Dr. Barnes addresses common concerns and emphasizes the importance of patient satisfaction. Stay tuned for before-and-after pictures, offering real-time insights into the procedure’s remarkable results. For those considering cosmetic surgery, Dr. Barnes’ expertise and personalized approach promise a journey to newfound confidence. Visit for more details and subscribe for updates on transformative surgeries and patient testimonials.

Neck Lipo Chin Lipo Amazing! Live By Dr. Thomas Barnes, Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgeon!!! Must See !

In this live demonstration of neck liposculpture. Witness the immediate results as excess fat is removed, and the neck is sculpted to perfection. Dr. Barnes discusses the shortcomings of alternative treatments like Kybella and CoolSculpting, underscoring the effectiveness of his procedures. The patient’s satisfaction is palpable as she admires her rejuvenated appearance, showcasing newfound confidence. Take advantage of exclusive discounts and access resources on Dr. Barnes’ website for personalized consultations. Join us on the journey to a revitalized you with Newport Beach’s leading cosmetic surgeon. Visit for more details and start your transformation today!

Neck SmartLipo Laser Liposuction Part II, Dr. Thomas Barnes - Newport Beach

Join Dr. Tom Barnes for an exclusive look at Part II of the lunchtime neck lift series, featuring innovative SmartLipo laser technology. Witness the power of this groundbreaking procedure as Dr. Barnes tightens neck skin and addresses common concerns like neck bands. With a focus on skin tightening, the SmartLipo laser offers transformative results for loose skin on various body parts. Stay tuned for Part III, where viewers will see the stunning outcome of the procedure. Don’t miss your chance to explore the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery with Newport Beach’s trusted expert. Subscribe to Dr. Barnes TV for updates on breakthrough technologies and transformative procedures!

Tickle Liposuction of the abdomen

Discover the transformative power of tickle liposuction with Dr. Thomas Barnes in this captivating video. Dr. Barnes showcases the procedure’s effectiveness in shrinking the abdomen without the need for invasive surgery like tummy tucks. Witness the before-and-after journey as the abdomen undergoes remarkable changes right before your eyes. Dr. Barnes invites viewers into the operating room to witness the procedure firsthand, offering insights into the benefits of tickle lipo. For questions or comments, reach out to Dr. Barnes’ office or email directly. Join us in Newport Beach, California, and explore the world of cosmetic surgery with Dr. Thomas Barnes. Subscribe for more insights and transformative stories!


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